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5 Magical Features of the Game-Changing Podcast Application

5 Magical Features of the Game-Changing Podcast Application
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This Free App Will Transform How You Consume Podcasts and Benefit From Them

Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn. You can listen to the leading experts around the world for free. The problem with podcasts is that you can’t make highlights or take notes easily so you just end up forgetting what you have learned.

Taking notes and remembering the things you learned from podcasts are hard to capture as most of the time you are listening to them while running, commuting, driving shopping and podcasters talk with higher paces in a spoken language.

It might be difficult and awkward to pull out the phone, and jot down the idea and timestamp, then have to remember to find that note later.

But this great podcast app Airr makes it easy to save quotes from a podcast as you’re listening to it. For now, it’s s only available for iOS but there is a waitlist for the Android version which means that an app is on the way soon.

Airr is a free app, without any subscription costs, or tiers. The app is completely free, at least for now.

1) Airr Quotes

The main feature of Airr is capturing the highlights or ‘Airr Quotes’ from the podcasts. The first thing you see on the app is new and popular Airr Quotes captured by the Airr community. You can also listen to and highlight your favorite podcasts yourself.

Screenshot- '‎Airr - Highlight audio on the App Store'

As you listen to a podcast, you can click the quotation mark button or triple-tap on your Bluetooth headphones, and the last 45 seconds of audio automatically get saved to your Airr library:

Then either right away or whenever you want to come back later, you can edit the length of the audio highlight to include the relevant sections and add a little description of why you saved it:

2) Note-taking by Siri

A Siri Shortcut that allows you to dictate the contents of a note would be awesome.

You can use the standard “Take an AirrQuote” or changed the Siri command to “Take a podcast quote” or something you want to say.

3) Exporting and Sharing

You can integrate your note apps like Draft, Evernote, Notion, or Roam Research and make automatic exports to them.

You can also share these snippets on Twitter as an audio clip or as a video or you can share them with your friends.

4) Transcripts

What I really like about this app is that you can see the transcript depending on the popularity of the podcast. They have the transcript from the audio right below the player.

You can also ask for a transcription of one podcast per day if they are not already available.

5) Air and Readwise Integration

Whenever you take an AirrQuote in the Airr app, you’ll automatically have that snippet (with a link to play the audio in Airr, your caption, and a transcript of the quote if available) saved to Readwise… here’s what it looks like:

Here is how you can set up an integration between Airr and Readwise. Later you can connect Readwise with your note-taking system such as Notion or Roam.

Final Words

I’m using the Airr for a few months and find it really useful. Siri shortcut and auto-syncs with Readwise and make it really easy to annotate and see all my notes!

If you would like to quickly check it out, you may find a sample Airr Quote here.

IOS users can download the app and Android users can register to the waiting list by clicking here.

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